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With over 25 years experience of delivering bespoke consultancy, coaching and training programmes to a wide range of industries, our consultants support the development of BrainSmart organisations.

 We partner with you to transform your business and drive performance through your leaders, teams and individuals.

​Neurobusiness is the transfer of the latest insights of neuroscience to traditional management and behavioural theory, furthering our understanding of effective business management, leadership and motivation.

BrainSmart businesses have the following characteristics:

  • Rational and effective decision making

  • Ability to motivate and get the most out of their people

  • High levels of effective collaboration

  • A performance enabling culture

  • Innovative

  • Effective feedback and communication

  • Adaptable and opened to change

  • Effective conflict management

  • Strong client relationships and effective sales processes

With this in mind, how can we help you?

Is your leadership up to par?

BrainSmart leaders understand the uniqueness of people and adjust their behaviour accordingly, optimising their impact on others.

How convincing is your sales pitch?

A BrainSmart sales team understand our emotion’s role in decision making and the power of BrainSmart presentation and storytelling.


Does your company architecture enable delivery of your key objectives?

BrainSmart organisations adopt a learning culture, stimulate innovation, are open to change and seek to implement BrainSmart people practices across all areas of the business.


How well are you managing performance in your business?

BrainSmart performance management is aligned to business objectives, is agile and driven through coaching where feedback is frequent and about things that matter.

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Are you making rational decisions?

Neuroscience helps businesses make better decisions, improve leadership capabilities, build more productive relationships and a healthier workforce, leading to higher efficiency and performance.

What are the qualities, behaviours, skills and attributes of a great leader?

Considerable debate remains as to whether great leaders are “born or bred” but we believe that the skills of effective leaders can be developed through appropriate training. Acquisition of these skills lead managers to naturally embody the qualities of great business leaders. 

Behaviours, skills and attributes of effective leaders


Neuropa has worked with the Executives and Managers across many businesses for the last 20 years and during that time we have identified the following as the most important for effective leaders:

  • A holistic and high level understanding of how the brain works to deliver in business contexts: Brain Smart Communication (Social Interaction as a motivator for work, decision making process); Brain Smart Motivation (The Neuroscience of Motivation, follow a brain based approach to engagement and motivation); Brain Smart Leadership (Primary driving forces of the brain in leadership, understanding and applying brain based influence, improving your change leadership skills)

  • Analytically strong with the ability to develop creative yet practical solutions to difficult, often cross functional, problems and challenges;

  • A confident, persuasive and effective communicator, presenter and negotiator;

  • An ability to flex and adapt their leadership style to different situations and people; and

  • An effective coach and mentor, able to delegate to others to work together towards a shared vision and goal.

 Great leaders across all sectors often share the same qualities

We believe that by developing the skills and behaviours of effective leaders individuals will naturally embody the qualities of great leaders:

  • High degree of self-awareness;

  • High degrees of personal honesty and integrity;

  • Passionate, committed, positive and dedicated;

  • Consistent, fair, empathetic and respectful of others;

  • Charismatic and influential; and

  • Inspiring.

At Neuropa we believe that understand our own brains helps us to really make tangible changes to the way we communicate, interact with others and bring out our own authentic leadership qualities…..

A BrainSmart Approach to Business

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