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BrainSmart organisations drive sustained performance through strong leadership, employee well-being and a deep understanding of what motivates and engages their people.

All our services are developed with your organisation's specific context, challenges and objectives in mind. We address Leadership, Sales, Organisational Development and People opportunities.

Each program starts with a conversation and ends with a bespoke solution.

BrainSmart Leaderschip

BrainSmart Leadership

Lead with the heart and mind

Applying the principles of neuroleadership

(BrainSmart Leadership) enables leaders and managers

to improve their capacity for:


  • Performance enhancing Leadership

  • Decision Making and Problem Solving

  • Creative Thinking

  • Collaboration

  • Fostering Engagement and Motivation

  • Facilitating Change

  • Dealing with Diversity

  • Dealing with Stress and Adversity

  • Managing Conflict


“BrainSmart leaders understand the uniqueness of people and adjust their behaviour accordingly, optimising their impact on others.”


Our approach:


Our BrainSmart Leadership program provides unique insight into the workings of the human brain when interacting with others. Participants are guided to understand how this could be applied to strengthen their own mental resilience while improving their ability to lead individuals as well as groups, and drive performance through their people.


Structured according to the latest findings on how we learn best, this unique programme integrates academic input, experiential learning and practical dis­covery in a proven formula.


Our BrainSmart Leadership programmes are available as bespoke solutions designed around your specific challenges and requirements.


BrainSmart Sales

Enter your clients frame of mind

“About 80% of our decisions are taken subconsciously and 



Neuro-Sales is a unique approach to sales and business

development based on BrainSmart neurobusiness principles.

Our programmes aim to equip you with the tools needed for

increasing conversion rates and building strong relationships

with prospects and clients.


BrainSmart Sales allows you to:


  • Understand the decision making process

  • Learn how to make your message memorable

  • Enter the prospects´ frame of mind

  • See what your prospects like, why they buy and how they decide

  • Learn how to engage, motivate and convince prospects and clients


“A BrainSmart sales team understands our emotion’s role in decision making and the power of BrainSmart presentation and storytelling”.

BrainSmart Organisational Development

Architecture for performance

Change, Culture, Performance

Working alongside your business we help design and implement the architecture for successful change, high performance and sustainable growth.

Our services range from audit of your existing practices,

through to development and finally implementation of bespoke high performance people programmes aligned to your specific business context.


BrainSmart People Practices

Be at the top of your game



It all starts with the brain

Be at the top of your game.

Executive Assessment and Coaching 1:1 and Teams

We help our clients in Leadership, Change, Personal and

Professional Development, Stress and Resilience,

Personal Impact, Career Development,

Assertiveness, Strategy and Vision.


As Solution Focussed Coaches we encourage our clients to

  • Do more of what works

  • Change what doesn't work

  • Find and use resources

  • Build on successes

  • Interact rather than psychologically analyse

  • Simplify issues as far as possible, but no further

We use a number of instruments to help our clients understand their behavioural patterns and develop strategies to grow further. Some instruments we use are MBTI, Hogan, Neo-PI-3, Insights, Disc, Emotional Intelligence 360, Levels A&B of occupational ability and behavioural testing

Bespoke Courses, Seminars and Network Events 

Please contact us for more information

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