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With over 25 years experience of delivering bespoke consultancy, coaching and training programmes to a wide range of industries, our consultants supports the development of BrainSmart organisations, transforming businesses and drive performance through leaders, teams and individuals.

Our consultants combine solid academic and practical experience from a wide range of industries bringing together the latest research findings and real life learning to build bespoke solutions to address real issues.  

Maryam is both a behavioral neuroscientist and a practitioner. She is  a global leadership development consultant, executive coach and organizational development expert who has extensive design and delivery experience across a range of businesses.


She has a 20+ year track record working at all levels of organizations providing external support to boards down through the organization. She has significant experience in working with top teams on optimizing the team, culture and leadership, and is passionate about helping individuals & teams to collaborate more effectively and make better decisions. Till date, impacted close to 2,000 leaders and professionals from over 25 countries.

Maryam is a dynamic and engaging Executive Coach and Facilitator who focuses on results for her clients. She is engaged by Organizations, CEO's, executives and leaders to help strengthen their leadership capability, build high-performing teams and achieve the organization's vision. She does this by focusing on strategic leadership behaviors, business improvement processes, commercial outcomes and eliminating barriers to success.


With her evidence-based, solutionfocused approach combined with her highly personable style clients experience sustained behavior change and attain extraordinary results. Maryam facilitates interactive workshops which lead participants to experience major shifts in thinking, behavior and outcomes. 


Maryam has developed “Brain Smart Neuro-Business” – a series of consulting, facilitation and coaching programs that foster healthy group and company dynamics. 


Maryam is passionate about translating the latest findings of Neuroscience into the workplace. She assists her clients to gain more success and satisfaction through better understanding and application of “brain smart” strategies. Maryam is a consultant to a number of leading global firms.

Dr. Maryam Bigdeli
Founder, Managing Consultant

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